Below is a selection of my favorite posters from my gig poster career, which gave me my start in illustration and graphic design. A lot of folks promote their shows online, so I don’t get to do these as much as I’d like anymore. Still, I had a great time making these. They’ve never been my most lucrative projects, but they’ve often let me spread my wings creatively.

The Lytics/Jicah/Lonnie Ce at The Pyramid

The Dirtbombs and Dan Sartain at the WECC.

The highlight of my poster career.

Screenprinted at Omniscreen.

Grand Analong and guests at Union Sound Hall (R.I.P.) My all-time favourite of my own posters.

Amy Traphouse/Rawdman/Dougie B./D-Lo at The Greenroom (R.I.P.).

This house is based on one located off of Pembina Highway. The wood textures were free images from stock.xchng (now known as freeimages.com).

Co-op and Hunnicutt’s Hockey vs. Rap Tour

beefdonut/David Skene/Tufty at the Exchange Community Church.

Westview Park (better known as Garbage Hill) is in the foreground.

A poster for The Psychedelic Soul Shack, a radio show I miss dearly.

That discarded couch was located behind the parkade on Albert St.

This was inspired by the cover for Donald Fagen’s album The Nightfly.

Nestor Wynrush/soso/Len Bowen at The Cavern.